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What to Wear to a Winery in Winter. Stay Cozy and Stylish!

Winter visits to wineries can be breathtaking, but what do you wear? Dressing comfortably yet stylishly for a winter wine tasting can feel challenging. Our blog will guide you through the perfect outfit ideas, dos & don’ts, and styling tips, so you’re prepared for your chilly trip to the vineyard.

Sit tight as we uncork these cool weather fashion tips just for you!

Winter Winery Outfit Ideas

Layer up with cozy sweaters and cardigans to stay warm while still looking stylish at the winery.

Layering with cozy sweaters and cardigans

Layering helps keep you warm in winter. A cardigan or sweater is a good choice for this. There are many ways to wear them. You can pair them with jeans for a laid back look. They also go well with dress and tights if you want something more fancy.

It’s always handy to have an extra layer that you can add or remove as needed.

Stylish coats and jackets

When visiting a winery in winter, it’s important to stay warm while still looking stylish. A great way to do this is by wearing a fashionable coat or jacket. Opt for coats in rich fabrics like wool or faux fur, as they not only provide warmth but also add an elegant touch to your outfit.

You can choose from different styles such as trench coats, pea coats, or even a statement-making cape. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns too! Whether you go for a classic black coat or opt for something more bold like a leopard print jacket, make sure it complements the rest of your ensemble.

Layering is key during winter winery visits, so don’t forget to wear sweaters underneath to keep cozy and chic at the same time.

Warm dresses and skirts with tights

For a stylish and cozy outfit at the winery in winter, opt for warm dresses and skirts paired with tights. This combination not only keeps you comfortable but also adds a touch of elegance to your winery attire.

Choose long-sleeved sweater dresses or maxi/midi dresses made from thicker fabrics like wool or knit. Pair them with opaque tights in neutral colors such as black or brown to keep your legs warm.

This ensemble allows you to show off your personal style while staying snug during your wine tasting adventure.

Boots or booties for comfort and warmth

For comfort and warmth during your winter winery visit, opt for boots or booties. These footwear options provide insulation to keep your feet cozy in chilly temperatures. Look for styles with a sturdy sole that can handle uneven terrain while exploring the winery grounds.

Ankle booties paired with jeans or leggings create a stylish and practical look, while knee-high boots add an extra layer of warmth when worn with dresses or skirts. Choose boots made of materials like leather or suede, as they offer both style and durability.

Accessories like scarves and hats for added style and warmth

Scarves and hats are perfect accessories to enhance your style and keep you warm during winter winery visits. A cozy scarf can add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit while also providing extra insulation for your neck.

Opt for a soft, knit scarf or a luxurious cashmere one to stay snug and stylish. Hats, such as beanies or berets, not only protect your head from the cold but also add a fashionable touch to your look.

Choose a hat that complements your outfit and keeps you feeling cozy throughout the day at the winery.

Dos and Don’ts for Winter Winery Outfits

When choosing winter winery outfits, DO opt for comfortable footwear and darker colors in rich fabrics. Also, consider the weather and dress accordingly while avoiding heavy makeup and strong perfumes.

Choose a crossbody or small handbag for convenience.

Avoid high heels and opt for comfortable footwear

For your winery visit in winter, it’s important to prioritize comfort when choosing footwear. High heels may not be the best option as they can be uncomfortable and difficult to walk in on uneven terrain.

Instead, opt for comfortable shoes like boots or booties that provide both warmth and support. This way, you can explore the winery grounds without worrying about sore feet.

Opt for darker colors and rich fabrics

Choose darker colors and fabrics that have a luxurious feel. Darker colors like deep burgundy, navy, or forest green can add elegance and sophistication to your winery outfit. Rich fabrics such as velvet, wool, or cashmere not only keep you warm but also give a stylish touch to your winter look.

So, opt for these darker hues and luxurious materials to create a fashionable winery outfit in winter.

Consider the weather and dress accordingly

Make sure to check the weather before heading to the winery so that you can dress appropriately. Since it’s winter, it’s important to prepare for cold temperatures and possibly unpredictable weather conditions.

Layering is a great option, as it allows you to add or remove clothing based on your comfort level. Don’t forget to bring a warm coat, sweater, or cardigan in case it gets chilly. And don’t underestimate the power of accessories like scarves and hats for added warmth and style.

Ultimately, dressing according to the weather will help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable winery experience during the winter season.

Avoid heavy makeup and strong perfumes

To have a pleasant winery experience in winter, it’s best to avoid heavy makeup and strong perfumes. Why? Well, heavy makeup can feel uncomfortable on your face when you’re bundled up with layers of clothing.

Plus, it may smudge or run if the weather is wet or snowy. Instead, go for a natural and fresh look that enhances your features without being too overpowering. As for perfume, strong scents can be overwhelming in indoor settings like wine tasting rooms.

You don’t want your fragrance to distract from the aromas of the wine you’re sampling. Stick to lighter scents or even skip perfume altogether to fully enjoy the sensory experience of wine tasting during your winery visit in winter.

Choose a crossbody or small handbag for convenience

For a convenient and hassle-free winery visit in the winter, opt for a crossbody or small handbag. These compact bags allow you to keep your essentials close by without weighing you down.

They are perfect for stashing your phone, wallet, lipstick, and any other necessities while exploring the winery grounds or enjoying wine tastings. Plus, with a crossbody or small handbag, you won’t have to worry about holding onto a larger tote or backpack, giving you more freedom to fully enjoy your winery experience.

Styling Tips for Winter Winery Outfits

Mix different textures and fabrics to create interesting and stylish winter winery outfits.

Mix and match different textures and fabrics

To create stylish and eye-catching winter winery outfits, don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and fabrics. For example, you can pair a cozy knit sweater with a faux leather skirt or combine a chunky wool cardigan with denim jeans.

Mixing textures like velvet, tweed, and suede adds depth and visual interest to your ensemble. Additionally, incorporating different fabrics allows you to play with contrasting elements in your outfit while still staying warm and comfortable.

So go ahead, experiment with different combinations to create unique looks that will make you stand out during your winery visit this winter season.

Layering with sweaters, jackets, and scarves

During winter winery visits, layering is essential to stay warm and stylish. You can start with a cozy sweater or cardigan as your base layer. Pair it with a jacket or coat that complements your outfit and provides extra insulation.

Don’t forget to add a scarf for added warmth and style. Layering allows you to adjust your clothing throughout the day, depending on the temperature fluctuations at the winery. Plus, it adds depth and dimension to your overall look.

So, don’t be afraid to mix different textures and fabrics when layering with sweaters, jackets, and scarves – it’s all about creating a comfortable yet fashionable ensemble for wine tasting in winter!

Adding statement accessories to elevate the look

To enhance your winery outfit and add a touch of style, statement accessories are the way to go. Consider wearing a bold scarf with intricate patterns or a trendy hat to elevate your look.

These accessories not only provide extra warmth but also make a fashion statement. You can also opt for chunky jewelry like oversized earrings or a statement necklace to add some glamour to your winter winery outfit.

By adding these eye-catching accessories, you’ll stand out in the crowd and feel confident while enjoying wine tastings at the winery.

Choosing versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down

When putting together your winter winery outfits, it’s important to choose versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. Opt for items like a classic black dress or a pair of dark-colored jeans that can easily transition from daytime wine tastings to evening dinners.

You can then layer these pieces with cozy sweaters, stylish jackets, and accessorize with scarves and hats to create different looks. Adding statement accessories like bold jewelry or a colorful handbag can also elevate your outfit.

By selecting versatile pieces, you’ll have more options to mix and match while staying warm and fashionable during your winery visit in the winter season.


When visiting a winery in winter, it’s important to prioritize warmth and layering. Opt for cozy sweaters, stylish coats, warm dresses with tights, and comfortable boots or booties.

Don’t forget to accessorize with scarves and hats for added style and warmth. Remember to consider the weather and dress accordingly, avoiding high heels and heavy makeup. With these tips in mind, you can stay cozy and chic while enjoying wine tastings at the winery during the winter season.


1. What should I wear to a winery in winter?

For a winery visit in winter, it’s best to dress warmly with layers such as sweaters, jackets, scarves, and gloves. Don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking.

2. Can I wear jeans to a winery in winter?

Yes, you can wear jeans to a winery in winter. Pair them with a cozy sweater or top for a casual and stylish look.

There are no specific colors or styles required for winery attire in winter. However, earthy tones and darker colors often complement the ambiance of the winery.

4. Should I bring anything else besides warm clothing when visiting a winery in winter?

In addition to warm clothing, it’s always good to bring sunglasses (for sun glare) and sunscreen (to protect against UV rays).

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